School Consultation

Child Development Associates offers a range of services to schools, including:

Child-Focused Intervention

CDA clinical staff work closely with teachers and other school-based professionals to create a comprehensive team approach that addresses the myriad needs of their students and families. CDA professionals will often attend school meetings to discuss the results of psychological testing, to review and compare notes on the child’s academic progress and social-emotional functioning, and to plan and implement school or family-based interventions. They also consult at meetings to determine appropriate placement, academic accommodations and special education services. Ongoing phone or email consultations with teachers and school psychologists are a normal aspect of the treatment plan for a child in therapy at CDA.

Early Childhood Consulting

The Professionals of CDA consult with a number of pre-school and early childhood programs, on a weekly, monthly or ad hoc basis. We offer individual observations of children, advice on classroom management techniques, help with identifying early signs of stress and anxiety, and suggestions for promoting children’s resilience and coping skills. Dr. Donahue and other CDA professionals are available for consultation with parents to address their concerns over developmental challenges or their children’s behavior at home. We also work closely with early childhood directors to help them address particularly challenging behaviors or stressful situations, and to manage crises in the lives of their families and staff members. Among CDA’s current Pre-School Partners:

  • Rye Presbyterian Nursery School
  • Reformed Church of Bronxville Nursery School
  • Kids Base and the Little School (Scarsdale)
  • Beth El Nursery School (New Rochelle)
  • The Home School (White Plains)
  • Rye Methodist Nursery School
  • Temple Israel New Rochelle
  • The Board of Jewish Education of New York

Professional Development and Teacher Training

CDA Psychologists offer a range of workshops for teachers and school personnel. Among the topics we cover:

  • From Neuropsychological Evaluations to Practical Classroom Strategies
  • Working With Schools and Families to Understand and Manage New Technologies
  • Helping Parents to Re-Focus Their Efforts and Reduce their Anxiety about Academic Performance
  • Re-Introducing Ethics, Compassion and Citizenship in Elementary, Middle and High Schools
  • Reducing the Impact of Stress and Trauma On Children, Families And Schools
  • Promoting Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood Education